"The nature of our business is that you always run into unforeseen obstacles. John always comes up with a solution that makes everybody happy and everybody look good."

Lee Wrigh,
Interior Designer New York, NY

"I have worked with John for 12 years and use him on big jobs like wedding catering facilities. His crews do excellent work and John is a great hands-on problem solver."

Jozsef Solta,
Architect, New Cannan, CT

"We used John and his people to build a two bedroom and master bath addition to our home. He was great to work with, very efficient, very quick. John was very good at thinking on his feet and he was able to solve problems quickly."

Ester McGowan,
Homeowner Highland Falls, NY

"...Great at handling problems"


"He does what he says he's going to do when he says he's going to do it."

Interior designer,